Information on Shipping and Returns


What is our warranty policy?

So, whether your item is considered a newly-manufactured good (like a brand new Polaroid OneStep 2 camera), a vintage item (like a Polaroid 600 camera) or a semi-perishable good (such as an instant film pack) will also be a factor.


  • New cameras (Polaroid Now, Polaroid Go, Polaroid OneStep+, Polaroid OneStep 2, Impossible I-1): 1 year
  • Printers (Polaroid Lab, Polaroid Hi-Print): 1 year
  • Vintage cameras (Polaroid 600 & SX-70 refurbs): 1 year
  • Film and accessories: limited warranty*


*limited warranty means that these items are excluded from the standard warranty due to their perishable nature, and warranty claims will be assessed on a case-by-case basis assuming storage and use have been fully compliant with provided guidelines.





What is our return policy?

Online purchases may be returned for refund within 14 days provided the product is returned in original condition and a receipt is provided if change of mind occurs. Please note, this will incur a 15% restocking fee which will be deducted from total purchase price when your refund is processed.


Exceptions apply:


We cannot accept the return of opened film packages; all film packages must be in an unopened condition in order for us to offer a refund. This is due to the perishable nature of the product which is protected inside its original packaging. Once the seal of the film box has been broken, the film is no longer in a controlled environment and is highly sensitive to environmental and shipping-related variables.


Please also note that the customer is responsible for the costs of the return shipment and bears the risk of the return – so pack the items carefully!


The above applies primarily to unwanted products, as opposed to products which are exhibiting a manufacturing defect. If you have purchased products through our online shop which you believe are defective in any way, please get in touch and your claim will be evaluated under our limited warranty. For full details regarding our product warranty, please see our Terms & Conditions.


All returns are handled on a case-by-case basis: you will need to get in touch with us via email. Remember to provide your order ID in the message.




How much is shipping, and how long does it take? 

Our shipping rate is a flat rate of $13.95


Please allow up to 14 business days for standard shipping.  We will endeavour to ship your order quicker, if you do need your order faster please contact customer services on 09 801 0019 or email to arrange