Polaroid SX-70 Refurb Camera – Model 2


A design icon of the twentieth century, and a Polaroid Originals classic, the SX-70 has a glass lens and an automatic variable speed/aperture shutter system. Representing the peak of the instant photographic experience when it was first introduced, this special edition SX-70 Model 2 is Ideal for more experienced photographers; the manual focus includes a split-image rangefinder circle in the viewfinder to help you take the sharpest picture possible.

Classic SX-70 cameras like this one were designed without a built-in flash. #bornthisway If you want to shoot in low-light environments (indoors, dusk, etc.), we recommend getting a MiNT Flashbar, too. It attaches easily to any of these folding models.

Refurbished SX-70 Camera from the 1970’s.

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